Community Wellness Connectors

Community Wellness Connections has a series of monthly columns in the Gettysburg Times to highlight and celebrate people or organizations that bring people together: Community Wellness Connectors!  We invite you to help celebrate the people who unite us. Do you know an individual or a group that brings a diverse array of people together in an activity that fosters holistic well-being? We’d love to hear about them.

This is not just about physical fitness, though we applaud that! We’re also seeking your insights about people or groups who bring us together to support any of the aspects of well-being: mind, body, spirit, or community.  You can tell us about them at We will feature a Connector monthly in the Gettysburg Times with some information about their activities.  

Below are  Community Connectors featured in Gettysburg Times!

In January 2021, we celebrated the Gettysburg Walking Club! Since 1970, this informal local organization has been meeting on Tuesday mornings to share a walk together somewhere in our area, usually followed by a pleasant group lunch. It’s a diverse group, welcoming all ages and stages of people to the healthful activity of walking. People gather at the appointed time and place, choosing their preferred speed and distance. So there is always a group to walk and converse with. The Gettysburg Walking Club, in its long history, has brought people together weekly to enjoy the outdoors, to move to the best of their ability, and to develop both casual and deep friendships. 

In February 2021, we shone the spotlight on an individual who has contributed much to the community aspect of health and well-being: Betsy Meyer. Betsy set the intention of making running and walking events accessible to all sorts of people a number of years ago, and the Physical Fitness Task Force proved to be a powerful vehicle for that. Working with the task force since 2011, Betsy has seen walking and running events really take off in the county. There were twenty people at the first free 5K several years ago, and now some events draw nearly 200 people! Betsy says that people come to these events for many different reasons. Some are looking for fitness; some are looking for company; and some are delighted to see new areas of the county that they might not have visited alone.

For April 2021, Community Wellness Connectors is pleased to feature Tim Ahn and the Swift Run Church Cyclists. This fellowship of riders checks all the boxes for holistic well-being, encouraging people to come together with attention to their physical fitness, the sharing of outdoor experience, and spiritual well-being. The Swift Run Foursquare church in New Oxford came into being in 2017. Pastor Dan Kriel and the church shaped their mission around the concept of life as a race that is run in the company of others toward personal and spiritual health. Tim has played a formative role in the growth and development of the cycling mission, which draws a diverse group together each week to ride the roads of our area. The rides bring people of different ages, genders, and even faiths together to enjoy fellowship, share their spirituality, tend to their physical fitness, and just have fun.